If your school and community are rearing to explore your local environment, this is the resource for you!

Backyard Biodiversity is a joint initiative between Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust and the Taranaki Regional Council. Through a series of fun videos, Rotokare and TRC environmental educators Ash and Emily will guide you on discovering, protecting, and enhancing backyard habitat for native species.

This 11-episode video series was produced during the COVID-19 lockdown in April-May 2020, and was initially published on a Facbook page with video releases twice-weekly. Each video came with its own task for students to accomplish for the week, be it building their own bug whares, lizard lounges, tracking tunnels, or conducting their own night surveys. Each episode also comes with additional resources for adults and children alike to read, explore, and engage with.

All of our epsiodes and resources are available for your use below.
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