More hihi released at Rotokare!

More hihi released at Rotokare!

Following the introduction and successful breeding of hihi/stitchbird last year, Rotokare was proud to welcome 30 more birds this year to diversify the population!

The hihi, which means ray of sunlight in Maori, is one of New Zealand's rarest birds, with only 3000 individuals left in existence.Their last natural population is homed on Little Barrier Island; conservation efforts have now established seven managed hihi populations across the North Island. And Rotokare is one of them! 

The 40 hihi brought to Rotokare in 2017 fledged 17 individuals over the last breeding season, the highest amongst all hihi sites! Over the second week of April 2018, Rotokare volunteers traveled to Tiritiri Matangi to secure a fresh population to supplement Rotokare's, and on 15th April 2018, these birds were released into their new homes by the Rotokare staff, volunteers, sponsors, and extended whanau. 

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