Our newest community-led charitable fundraiser is great on toast!

Our newest community-led charitable fundraiser is great on toast!

Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust are exciting to announce their newest community-led charitable fundraiser: 


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We would like to thank Mike from Bees and Trees Native Honey, for seeing the potential for a special batch honey made from all the goodness at Rotokare, and for all the expertise and hard work he put into this project, and also to the Eltham Lions club who arranged for Beck Helicopters to deliver the bee hives high up into the prime bee country.  The fabulous summer of 2015/16 allowed the bush to flourish and provide just what the honey bees wanted.  So they did their thing and began making honey, foraging on local manuka, kamahi, rewarewa, and rata among other glorious natives, high up on the ridge tops of the Rotokare Sanctuary.

Purchasing a jar of honey directly supports conservation work at Rotokare.  The unique blend of nectars represent the flavours of our rich and diverse native bush, delivering a great tasting smooth and creamy honey.  All profits from the sale of this honey go to continuing the vision of the Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust, supporting Taranaki's community-led wildlife sanctuary.


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