Rotokare Bio Blitz

Rotokare Bio Blitz

At Rotokare we are taking an increased interest in the biodiversity of the wetland habitat – are there native or exotic species we don’t already know about, and how can we attempt to manage issues such as the cyano-bacteria blooms in to the future?

To help us with these questions, a team of experts from the University of Waikato came down for a weekend of exploration in both the wetlands, and bush at Rotokare.  

As a result a few new forest plants and trees were discovered, and the presence of the endangered long fin eel, was confirmed.  The catch from the electro-fishing technique used to catch the eel also contained a large number of perch.  Perch are an introduced fish species to Lake Rotokare, they have negative impacts on the wetland ecosystem in a variety of ways. 

The high prevalence of perch and the results from other water quality analysis (especially the amount of oxygen present in the different layers in the lake), have allowed for some good theories to be formed in reguards to the cyno-bacteria blooms the lake keeps experiencing through the summer months each year.  We look forward to a continued relationship with Waikato University, and ultimately further research being conducted out here.


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