Rotokare features in new museum exhibition

Rotokare features in new museum exhibition

Aotea Utanganui, the museum of South Taranaki has just completed a new exhibiton - named "Eltham and Beyond".   This exhibition is showcasing the various land uses and pioneering discoveries which occurred in Eltham.  

The stories explored in this exhibition highlight the strong entrepreneurial spirit evident within Eltham.  Therefore, it is by no surprise that the Rotokare Scenic Reserve, the work done and milestones achieved by the trust be one of the stories shared.  

Rotokare staff, trustees and volunteers attended the opening of the exhibition and were blown away by the beautiful pictures, taxidermy birds, and audio messaging presented in the Rotokare section.  

This exhibition runs from March - August, 2015 at Aotea Utanganui in Patea, and is absolutely worth a visit!

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