Tieke/Saddleback for Bird of the Year

Tieke/Saddleback for Bird of the Year

Forest and Bird hold an annual bird of the year competition, where 53 iconic New Zealand birds are put up against each other to find the nations favourite.  This year Rotokare is actively campaigning for the tieke or saddleback, a gorgeous, cheeky bird, from the wattle family.  Tieke has never won in the 11 years this competition has been running for, and we think it is time they did!

Rotokare reintroduced tieke after nearly 150 years of absence in Taranaki, today they are thriving, having more that quadrupled in number from those initially released. 

Tieke are another example of an amazing New Zealand conservation success story - from a mere 500 birds left on a single island they are now in many sites and number in the 1,000's. 


Please join us in voting for this bird to become this years Forest and Bird, Bird of the year. 

Vote at: www.birdoftheyear.org.nz

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