Translocation Outcome Monitoring

Translocation Outcome Monitoring

After the translocation of tieke/saddleback and popokatea/whitehead back in May, we are now in the monitoring phase.  We are interested in identifying as many as we can, as well as looking at locations of the birds. 

For tieke we are using a systematic monitoring method, where we will spend time in all areas of the forest listening and looking for birds.  

All of the birds released here were banded (small coloured bands around their legs).  All of the birds have four bands in total, 2 on each leg.  It is important that we identify as many band combinations as possible. 

If you are out at Rotokare and come across a tieke or popokatea, and are able to positively identify the band combinations please let us know.  We would also appreciate an approximate location (look for the nearest track marker - blue and white disks, orange triangles, yellow tags etc).

See the image above for more information about bird bands and how to read them accurately. 


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