There's never a dull moment at Rotokare sanctuary, often with multiple projects happening all at once!  See below for our current and past projects.  There are other projects such as the education programme and monitoring of both pest and native animals that are on-going projects at the sanctuary.  

Are you keen to be involved and help with some of our projects?  Why not become a volunteer? Click the "Become a volunteer" link to find out more!

Current Projects

Wetland Board Walk Project

Hihi (stitchbird) Translocation

Toutouwai (North Island robin) Translocation

Mātātā (fernbird) Translocation

Tieke (saddleback) and Popokatea (whitehead) translocation

Rotokare Halo Project

Taranaki Kōhanga Kiwi at Rotokare

Captive Lizards


Past Projects

- Xcluder, predator-proof fence construction

- Mammalian-pest eradication

- Buildings

- Ridge Walk

- Interpretation signage

- Fundraising Art Auctions